About Us

The Story

“Growing up as a bigger guy, I believed that dressing well was my armor against judgment. I believed logos were what mattered and that they could make up for low self-esteem.

As I matured, I learned that quality transcends price tags. High-end designer clothes often failed to meet my expectations – uncomfortable or ill-fitting, they never felt like they were made for my body's natural shape. Then I got a suit, and everything changed. It held a unique power; it commanded respect, and, more importantly, it helped me respect myself. Tailoring elevated it to something more than just clothing; it was an embodiment of worthiness.

When I transitioned into finance, formal wear began to feel like a monotonous routine. What was once a symbol of professionalism and joy became a daily struggle. Yearning for comfort, every day I rushed home to throw on a hoodie after work. Then one day, inspiration struck. What If someone could blend formalwear and streetwear? What if you could have the comfort of a hoodie and jogger with the confidence and respect of a suit? Through those questions, Senza Nome New York was born."

- Luis Vazquez (Founder of Senza Nome New York)

Let's Make The Future a Reality

Every order of our current collection is not just a purchase; it's a big step forward in our journey of clothing.

To those who feel moved by our mission, and carry us with you in your hearts, know you are an integral part of this story, and the reason we exist.


Thank you for being a part
of Senza Nome New York.

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